Jameson Hot Wing Challenge

A brief look at the Jameson Hot Wings hot chili evening ritual here - BURZMA, which was at my place on November 30.
Spicy, hot and challenging! An evening full of emotions and even tears!

What we did?

Vakara laikā ikvienam bija iespēja izaicināt savu vislielāko sāncensi – SEVI!
During the evening, there were 10 very hot rounds with 10 different and sophisticated sauces, we enjoyed chicken wings or, in the vegetarian version, fried cauliflower. We heard stories about the types, flavors, and effects of chili on the human body and learned so many new things! Those who challenged themselves to the max also enjoyed the chili euphoria. You won't believe how many made it through all 10 rounds! Yes, of course, emotions, tears and spiciness. 

We welcomed each of the participants with a cold and refreshing cocktail from Jameson and snacks from the ABRA bar. After warming up, we enjoyed snacks and a welcome cocktail.

Next Hot Win? - Yes! We will update You about the dates!

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