I invite you to come!
Let's enjoy life together because you go to school, but your parents have a vacation! But for me, the days are rich in taste and surprises!

Remember that here You can be whoever you want!

What will be here?
After the festive start of the school year, come to me. On 1st of September::

12.00 – 19.00 a creative and attractive surprise, I will give you a few hints about this activity:

  • You will save this;
  • You will want to try this;
  • You will like this;
  • You will save this in your memory box;
  • You will be able to share this;
  • You will look cool in this!

Well... now You do not have a choice, but to come and see it yourself!

In the evening 17.00 – 23.00 DJ Dubra will take the party over and play amazing music!

Yeah, I know! Have you ever been to a party which ends on Friday... Well, I will party also on Saturday! On 2nd of September:

11.00-16.00 Children morning
The little ones will be taken care of and they will be able to express themselves creatively in the workshops, where they will occupy their hands, and minds and warm up for school, but what about parents? Meanwhile, parents will enjoy a leisurely and carefree Saturday with oysters and cocktails. 

15.00 – 23.00  DJ Ricardi B

Uhh - the food! Here, at my place, 10 different caterers can make the whole family is happy - pizza for one, oysters for another, and the third in Asia or Georgia! The impossible is no longer impossible because it has become my challenge! I combine all the diversity of flavors with myself!

Excellent drinks and cocktails! 
Cold and refreshing, sparkling and warming! 
The hospitality of two bars is at your disposal!

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