The heart of Old Riga in its roofs

Old Riga is the oldest part of the city of Riga and the city center, as well as the most popular place for recreation and entertainment among tourists. Do you know that in 1997, the historical center of Riga was included in the World Heritage List by UNESCO? But this time not about history, but with a view to the future.

Do you know the feeling that you get when you walk through the streets of the Old Town? It is a feeling of home, warmth and at the same time constant but peaceful movement. Many wonder why BURZMA was created on the 4th floor of Old Riga. It seems like such an illogical decision - to go up where the party is happening on the streets, but in fact the story is about the added value provided by the place and its atmosphere. A place where you want to come! Pleasant and understandable environment, visual appeal, multiplicity and ergonomically convenient solutions. And it is given by the wide view that opens up to this dense building of the heart of Riga, where house by house, side by side creates magic. The windows and terrace of Burzma offer a view of this movement, the roofs and the opportunity to watch it all from above. The next level of old town buzz…

As Evija Ķirsone-Slavinska, an interior architect, emphasizes: "When we opened the windows of BURZMA and the light came in, it was so surreally strange that you come out and see how close those roofs are!" You can reach them with your hand!". The video tells more about the creation of BURZMA itself and a view of the experience you can see here.

BURZMA is a space of flavors and events is about togetherness, as its name implies. It is a space created by hospitality and interior visionaries with a strong sense of community and belonging for modern foodies. It conquers the ridges of the roofs of Old Riga and brings its movement beyond the usual.

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