What's the fuss?

"The years during the pandemic particularly highlighted the fact that human is a social being who needs communication and cordial encounters. All of this was so much missed that it seems we are making up for it with redoubled vigour. Therefore, the room of flavors and events has come just in time Burzma – the first foodhall concept in Riga, Galerija Centrs on the 4th floor. ” read in April/May DEKO.

The authors of the concept and brand of the place are KIRSON DESIGN GROUP, bringing together not only design professionals, but also bar and restaurant consultants and hospitality experts.

From a design perspective it was important for the team of lead designer Evija Ķirsone-Slavinska to create an unusual environment in which the visitor would be catched by surprise. "We wanted something completely different from what a person sees in a peaceful everyday life, so there are both red trees and meditative water columns that create a new experience," says Evija, emphasizing how much WOW effect this type of project has.

You can find full article in DEKO magazine.

Those who are tired of the Old Riga pavement here can feel like they are in a green oasis - Burzma's interior is complemented by many green houseplants. An impressive accent is the red trees, which Aldis Bush of Bushmandoo helped create.

Text: Elīza Anete Bajāra
Photo: Ingus Bajārs
Published: DEKO magazine april/may

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