The cousine and venue place located on the 4th floor of s/c Galerija Centrs, covering more than 1 500 square meters of floor space. It is divided into two zones - Grab&Go and Rest&Taste. At BURZMA, it is possible to enjoy Mexican cuisine from L-Taco, Georgian cuisine from Hačapuri, Asian cuisine from Ginger. In addition, Boom Cafe provides bistro meals, wood-fired pizzas are prepared by Vīnkalni, dumplings and pancakes are available from Zeest, while DERBRUDER takes care of exquisite sushi, and Holy Sip offers refreshing cocktails and snacks.

BURZMA interior concept and branding are developed by Kirson Design Group in a unique cooperation between leading bar and restaurant consultants, hospitality experts and designers. This project is implemented by the real estate fund Baltic Horizon Fund, while the unique concept is developed and managed by the real estate management and consulting company CBRE Baltics.

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